Favre doubtful for Sunday

December 30, 2010

Tony Ortiz, from the update desk on WXYT 97.1 The Ticket, is reporting that Brett Favre failed the concussion test administered by Vikings team doctors yesterday and will be listed as doubtful for Sundays game against the Lions at Ford Field.

Disappointing news. I was hoping he’d start so the Lions could have a shot at making his final NFL game a loss.

Lions only in the market for one linebacker this off-season?

December 29, 2010

It’s been the general consensus among just about everybody I’ve heard speak about the Lions off-season moves that they need to target two linebackers. Levy, who has been playing with a lingering groin injury that will have to be surgically repaired in the off-season, appears to have the MLB position locked down. Julian Peterson and Zac Follett, however, will need to be replaced. Follett’s lock on a starting spot was shaky to begin with coming into this season and his performance on the field before going on IR didn’t do much to change that. Peterson’s play this year has been subpar as well and he’ll be due a lot more money next year than his on the field performance has dictated he’s worth.

That’s why I was surprised to hear Tom Kowalski, the Detroit Lions beat writer for MLive.com and co-host of the Sean, Killer and Terp radio show on WDFN, say that the Lions may only be in the market for one linebacker this off-season:

“… the theory here, in talking to some people inside and outside of the organization, is that, and kind of the example that was used was the Bears … if you can get a stud linebacker, outside linebacker, and couple him with Levy then that position, they feel, is going to be good.

It’s like the Bears with Briggs and Urlacher. When you get two really good players like that then the third linebacker isn’t nearly that important because you’re dominating at that position. Now if you can get another good one that’s fine, but … it doesn’t have to be across the board. So basically the working theory, from my understanding, is that they want to go into the off-season with the wishlist of a stud linebacker and a stud corner…”

It kind of makes sense when you think about it. If Levy proves to be a really good MLB that is. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that will be the case. Who will the other starting linebacker be? Is it possible the other starting linebacker is already on the squad? Maybe. Kowalski goes on to provide listeners with this little tidbit:

“…here’s another thing that’s kind of interesting. The Lions, apparently from what I understad, are really high on, believe it or not, Bobby Carpenter. Now I know it … doesn’t look much like it, but one of the guys told me that Carpenter when you see him on film, and these are guys that really look at the film and know, said Carpenter is still playing messed up with the other … you know the Dallas thing … the read and react kind of thing … and he’s not playing downhill .. and he said once he, because he’s a smart kid, once he starts using his speed and starts running downhill .. they think he’s going to come on and really be something. Now will he be the third guy? I don’t know but one stud linebacker, that’s what they’re looking for.”

You can listen to the whole segment from the program where this was discussed using the link below.

The discussion begins around the 13:50 mark. Audio: Detroit Lions Win Streak – Part

Lions fine Dominic Raiola $15,000 for obscene reaction to fan

December 29, 2010

The Detroit Lions have fined center Dominic Raiola $15,000 for his obscene reaction to a Miami fan following the Detroit Lions 34-27 win over the Dolphins. From the article in the Detroit Free Press:

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola was fined $15,000 by the team for yelling an expletive at fans as he walked up the tunnel following Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins. Raiola stopped short of apologizing today but said he “paid the price” for his actions. “It’s like when you’re a kid, and you do something wrong, and you get beat up for it, your dad beats you up,” Raiola said. “I got beat up. I got fined. Usually, you move on to the next day.”

Raiola has been fined multiple times in his career for similar interactions with fans. In 2008, the Lions fined him $7,500 for giving the middle finger to hecklers at Ford Field. He said then he previously was fined by former Lions coach Steve Mariucci for more indiscretions with fans.

Lions safety Louis Delmas was fined $5,000 earlier this year for flipping the middle finger in a game at Minnesota.

Here’s a clip of the outburst caught by a fan on his cellphone and slowed down so you can hear exactly what he says:


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